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Sometimes piles of food will
disappear in a trice. At other
times it will remain, heaped
on the plates ignored by the

None of us entertainers can
explain with any degree of
certainty why this happens, nor
can we predict when it will happen.

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Shepherd's Pie
Apple Crumble
Yorkshire Pud
Pitta Pockets

In America, I’m told, they don’t bother with a ‘proper’ party tea, only drinks, followed by a rendition of Happy Birthday to You and a serving of the birthday cake. I hope that’s one trend that doesn’t come here. They may not eat as much as we grown-ups would like, but sitting and sharing food is still a lovely thing to do at a party. I watched the Jamie Oliver in America series on TV, and was astonished to see how few people cooked any meals at all. Ever. But mostly Never. The biggest shock was, after the pizza was served for breakfast at school, discovering that the schoolchildren were never expected to use knives and forks for the whole of their junior school careers. The food was the sort of stuff we would buy at a burger-bar, finger-food only.

Recently, I saw in a French junior school that the entire school population, staff & children alike, tucked into steak with salad for lunch and all managed to eat it, no wonder, it looked delicious!

There isn’t the demand in France for the creepy ‘children’s foods’ market that is building over here. At a party recently, the dad shot off to bring in lovely hot chicken pieces and fries and pizzas, a real novelty for some and very appetizing, too. One child of a whole 7 years old wailed in shock, however, “this chicken’s got BONES in it…..” It was the first time she’d experienced it.

We have come across some wonderful ideas from our customers:

Shepherd’s Pie, this version from ‘Queen’ Delia Smith: all ages:
Easy to make in advance, an all-in-one dish and as it warms in the oven, creates a lovely smell from the kitchen. I’ve seen children clear their plates and lick ‘em clean and look just like Oliver Twist, asking for more.

Pudding? Apple crumble and custard
The ultimate comfort food: www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/applecrumble_2971

Yorkshire Pud Delight: all ages
No, not made in those dreadful fat-swimming red-hot pans in a blazing hot oven…. Acquire a Pampered Chef 12-cup muffin pan. It’s my latest thrilling discovery. No more dishes of batter-mix sitting round the kitchen. Oh no, just make the batter, pour it into UNGREASED bun tins and put into the (unheated) oven at a normal 180 degrees C. 12 minutes later you have heavenly tall and fluffy Yorkshire Puds that pop out, shouting Eat Me, Eat Me! If you need to know where to get one, send me an email and I’ll be happy to give you the source. Get a friend to buy one as well and borrow it for your party. Then you can make 24, they WILL ALL disappear (the grown ups will be queuing up, too) Serve it with gravy. Serve it with jam. Serve it with maple syrup. Serve it with a cube of chocolate, brown or white pushed into the middle. (But not all four)

Utterly yummy. Pitta pockets: age 7 +
Remember those pittas that were soo 80s? They’re making a comeback. Issue one each and then offer a selection of foods to stuff them with, sliced meats, sausage, salad veg and the odd green lettuce leaf (you never know, they MIGHT try it…)
Or fish fingers and chips. The good old fish digits are making a comeback, too. Hand round the squirty mayonnaise or tomato ketchup to ‘decorate’ their pitta pocket and off they go with it.
If all else fails, crisps and chips and chocolate fingers will never lose their appeal….nor ice creams.

It’s a party not a health spa……


Personalised wrappers of many designs for the very nice chocolate bars from Amy Russell: www.itsyourchoc.co.uk

No end of ideas involving chocolate from Sophie Jewett.


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Some people view them as
a tyranny, some as a
means of getting one
over their friends, some
love them. We believe
the trend might be
fading for those annoying
packs (of 8!) plastic bags
stuffed with sweets and toys,
only because there have
been too many around to be
novel anymore. So here we give
you some great ideas that we have
spotted at parties:

Buy them a children’s magazine each. It’s obvious which are suitable for boys/girls and there’s usually some plastic toy ‘free’ stuck to the front. Your newsagent will jump for joy at being able to provide a bulk order of mags, too. The children are really pleased to be given one of these to take home!
This might sound daft, but if you were running a business that sold children’s socks and pants, wouldn’t you use those? One of our customers did just that. Of course the boys pulled the pants on over their trousers to become Superman. We’ve also had someone who supplied children’s bath products – Wallace & Grommit sponges, etc.
A lovely child-sized mug as a keepsake has been welcomed at parties with little squeals of delight. I’ve spotted some in the supermarkets for less than a few pounds each.
Wrap each toy in paper and tie a string to it. Allow each child to pull the string and lift the gift out of the bucket/spittoon/chamberpot/bran tub. Off they go, clutching their gift having had to do just a little work to earn it.
Ideal for Spring parties – one delightful party ended with a sunflower seedling in a pot for each child. Another in the Autumn, a hyacinth bulb in a pot.